Pasture raised certified organic live chickens

About Eumundi egg and feather meat chickens

Live chickens are certified organic by Bio dynamic Research Institute, Powelltown Victoria
Certification No 731
One day old chicks

Ross & Cobb meat chicks arrive at one day old. They are raised in our purpose built brooder for 14 to 20 days depending on weather conditions and then transferred to a mobile sled in our bio dynamic pastures to free range daily. 

Pasture ranged chickens

When moved to the paddocks the chickens are housed in a mobile sled with access to outdoors during daylight hours.  They are protected by two of our Maremma livestock guard dogs - Duke and Daisy.  

Organic chicken meat

Our chickens are grown out in batches of 80 birds for six to eight weeks and then processed at a nearby non-organic abattoir.  Whole chicken weight is 2 to 2.5 kilos and this easily feeds six to eight people.  A succulent treat for special events, family celebration or a wholesome meal. 

Chicken pieces and frames available. 

Contact to enquiry about availability and pricing.