About Eumundi egg and feather eggs

Certified organic by Bio dynamic Research Institute, Powelltown Victoria
Certification No 731
Our Farm
Bio-dynamic pastures 

Onyx Park farm is located in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.  

The farm is operated using biodynamic (Demeter), biological and holistic management principles with a focus on healthy soils, healthy pastures, healthy animals and providing nutrient dense food to our customers. 

The farm is also home to a herd of Angus and Angus Murray Grey cross cattle that provide grass fed and finished beef.

Bio-dynamics is a holistic farming method that works in harmony with the cycles of nature to enhance soil biology and farm biodiversity. Bio-dynamic farms offer a sustainable approach focusing on developing well structured soils that deliver the correct nutrient update in plants. leading to the production of nutrient dense food from animals that graze these pastures. 

Our hens

Our eggs are laid by Australorp  (of Australian origin developed as a utility breed with a focus on egg laying) x Rhode Island Red hens.

This breed was chosen for their hardiness and foraging abilities, with a larger frame and robust build out hens continue laying well past the industry standard of 12 months from the point of lay.

Our eggs

Come and see where your eggs are grown. 

Farm shop is open every Friday from 3 - 6 pm. 

Or obtain our certified organic eggs from a stockist listed on menu tab

Our on farm methods

Beak trimming: is not practiced on our hens and is not accepted on a bio-dynamic farm where animals should live as nature intended. 

Dietary additions:  To assist our hens with protein in their diet (as they have no soya meal in their grain ration) they are feed clotted bio dynamic milk and apple cider vinegar is added to their water to assist their digestion. 

Yolk colour enhancers: are standard additives in egg production systems.  Our eggs have NO colour additives.  No fiddling with nature here.