Organic eggs and meat chickens from Biodynamic pastures

Eggs and live meat chickens
Certified Organic to National Standard for Organic & Biodynamic Produce
by Bio-Dynamic Research Institute, Powelltown, Vic 3797
Certificate No. 731

Small flocks open ranged in mobile sheds moved daily on bio-dynamic pastures with 30 times more space than free range standards.  

Hens are feed on a soya & gluten free organic ration to supplement their foraging during the daylight hours.

Certified organic
Soya free
About us

Onyx Park farm is located in the lush Sunshine Coast hinterland and raises grass fed animals with a focus on healthy soil, healthy pasture, healthy animals = nutrient dense  quality food.

Latest Farm News 

Riva Selegg grading machine

Sept 17

This month a Riva Selegg S121 grading machine has been installed to assist us in packing. This will help to keep the labour cost minimized and get eggs to market at best possible price.  

Duke & Daisy

August 17

Welcome Duke and Daisy, our second brother and sister pair of Maremma to arrive at Onyx Park Farm to commence their training as protectors for our chickens. Cuteness plus.